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Use a Phone Monkey for More Conversion Benefits

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The continuous rise of technology is proving to have a massive effect on the modern world. Instead of traditional methods, most entrepreneurs and business owners are now shifting into the digital marketplace to promote their products and services. Everywhere we go online, we can see various forms of digital advertising taking place on different platforms on the web such as phone monkey.

phone monkey

Aside from digital marketing, advertising, and e-commerce, modern-day business people use other kinds of technological efforts to boost their businesses’ productivity, such as chatbots. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram implement the use of phone monkey. This helps patrons gather and provide information for their clients online. Whether or not you want to admit it, you are going to lose significant results if you do not start using a chatbot for your business.

What Kind of Phone Monkey Should I Use?

To understand what kind of phone monkey would work best for your business, you have to know what they do first. Generally, there are two kinds of chatbots, and these digital pals of ours function differently depending on our needs:

Comprehensive Chatbots

This type of phone monkey is the one that gets better over time. Even though their technology is not complicated, their conversational skills are quite remarkable. Comprehensive chatbots, unlike their technical counterpart, can understand speech, answer questions, and usually provides real solutions to the problems that people are asking them. This bot platform is beneficial if you are offering human-like interactions to your clients. The businesses that could make use of this chatbot would be the ones advocating mental health and psychiatric treatments.

Scripted Chatbots

Scripted chatbots are the usual choice of most businesses. This bot platform can respond to specific commands and are usually built with prepared questions.
Along with these sets of questions are corresponding sets of answers that usually ends the same way. In most cases, users of phone monkey would not even have to type anything in. They have to select the appropriate question concerning their need, and then they would get the answer in an instant.

How Would I Benefit from these phone monkey?

The numbers of businesses using phone monkey are growing exponentially as the years pass by. Chatbots that are associated with Facebook’s Messenger rose in number from 30,000 in 2016 to over 100,000 in 2017. When 2020 came around, 80% of businesses are now considering getting their own, and 60% of the youth’s population is using them daily. Here are a few benefits of using a bot platform for your business, for you to understand why there is an increasing demand for them:

Chatbots Can Excite Your Customers

Because phone monkey are so entertaining to use, some people prefer them to humans when it comes to customer relations. When your clients get the right answers and excellent service, they are more likely to return for your business’ offers. Still, for your chatbot to provide a memorable experience, it has to run smoothly and successfully. You should ensure that your chatbots are professional and bug-free, aligned to your brand, and can adequately use linguistics. It should also provide proper answers to queries, and most importantly, it must work on multiple devices.

Chatbots Can Help Cut Down Operational Costs

Because of their efficiency in the digital marketplace, chatbots can thoroughly carry out customer-related tasks for businesses around the world. No need for actual human interaction to face the concerns and criticisms of agitated clients. Your phone monkey can entertain their queries by providing the specific answers they need to fix their problem. This way, you can cut down your costs in customer support while providing entertainment for your clients as a bonus that comes with the chatbot.

Chatbots Can Help Improve Sales and Customer Services

When it comes to being useful in your business, chatbots can do tasks such as collecting customer information. This way, chatbots can be utilized for sales and marketing purposes. They can keep customers engaged with various brands and products by sending push notifications. Apart from these functions, bot platforms can perform routine tasks such as enhancing customer service. They can provide product details for customers if necessary.

Chatbots Can Be Improved and Optimized

Much like training the employees in your company, you can optimize and upgrade your chatbots. Because they are technological help, they require continuous evaluation. You can track their performance on the different aspects of your business as you do so. Remember that your business relies on all the support it can get, so make sure that your chatbots are always checked.

phone monkey

Chatbots Can Show Off Your New Products and Services

Bot platforms are the best option when it comes to showing off a business’ new products and services to its customers. They can send relevant information to the people that are significant to your business. Chatbots only send push notifications to the appropriate people according to their needs. This means your client will feel appreciated rather than irritated. It also makes chatbots a reliable option for promotions.

Chatbots Provide a Cut Down on Human Errors

Human errors are unavoidable, and that is a well-known fact around the world. People tend to make mistakes when working, especially when they are tired. Some of these crucial tasks are collecting customer information or sharing product pricings. Thanks to chatbots, handling these tasks to deliver error-free results is a piece of cake for them. Chatbots are programmed with specific functions, so there is little to no chance of encountering errors with their work. This makes them a reliable “employee” for your business. This makes them a reliable “employee” for your business.

Disadvantages You Could Get

Although we could all benefit from the tremendous help of chatbots, they are still prone to technical difficulties and errors. This makes them a little bit risky to use for your business. Here are some of the disadvantages you will notice when you are using bot platforms:

Chatbots Are Not Human

There are chatbots built for understanding speech and answering queries. However, they are still bots and could never match the complexity of human intelligence. Chatbots need to learn from the responses they get so they could use it for future conversations.

Chatbots Require Thorough Maintenance

Much like any other technological device, you should still maintain and optimize your chatbot for your business. This means it will take a chunk of your time from your usual routine. Too much of this could hinder you from other tasks you could finish, and it may affect your productivity.

Chatbots Have Limited Information

Your chatbot will only have limited functions when you finish building it, which means you have to add specific ones for it to work correctly. To utilize your chatbot, align its services to your business’ needs. Make sure that you are adding the correct tasks and words for it for your clients to use it well.

Chatbots Could Get Customers Frustrated

Most chatbots work on a limited database, which means they cannot improvise. If the customers would use slang or sarcasm, their conversation with the bot could run in circles. This can lead to the frustration of your business’ prospective clients.

Still, chatbots are good for businesses

If you are now afraid of creating your own chatbot because of the disadvantages mentioned above, don’t. The factors mentioned above are only small possibilities that you could get if you are not able to create a good chatbot for your business. However, if you succeed on making a perfect chatbot by using a good chatbot, then all will be well.

Choosing HeroBot as your Partner

HeroBot is a marketing and social media bot automation platform that can help you build the perfect chatbot for your business. Because it is a certified Facebook Partner, you could use your created chatbot with your business through Facebook. HeroBot can thoroughly help with lead generation and sales support. By the way, it is free and provides high-quality Messenger bots, making it a practical choice for your business.

phone monkey

It will never be too late to upgrade and optimize your business procedures. Take part in the technological advancements of today’s world by starting small with chatbots. Apart from getting the exceptional help that you can rarely get, you could also provide the entertainment that your clients are always longing for. Remember, we are only as good as what we think we are.

Think differently and let your business speak for itself with the help of your chatbots. Start building your very own bot platform today with HeroBot. For more information, you may visit, or you may send an email to

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