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What are the Best Shopify Chatbot this 2020?

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Nowadays, consumers resort to a variety of online messaging platform to easily connect to their needs. According to research, it is more well-known and has higher rates. However, maintaining the position of your company on the business ladder is difficult as various online competitors kept emerging day by day. Fortunately, there is Shopify Chatbot that can let you stay on track. Nowadays, consumers resort to a variety of online messaging platform to easily connect to their needs. Moreover, it is more well-known and has more excellent rates according to research.

Shopify is one of the best e-commerce of all the time. It is a great partner when it comes to creating your online presence without requiring various complex tech skills. It encompasses several areas such as mobile, web, online marketplace, social media, traditional side-business, and pop-up shops. Moreover, this bot works side-by-side Shopify. It is the best way to reach consumers automatically. This is an obvious explanation of why the number of businesses uses Shopify Chabot.

shopify chatbot

How Does Shopify Chatbot Works?

Just like how the standard chatbot works, the Shopify Chatbot can incite natural human interaction. Clients engage with a chatbot through the chat interface or via speech. It would be able to cater to multiple customer queries.  Moreover, it utilizes several primary or complicated system language from a database. Also, it quickly analyzes questions, provides pre-set answers, and implement tasks. Additionally, it can sustain the continuous demands and evolution of technology

When it comes to languages, it can comprehend different words and, at the same time, have a default conversation flow to assure client satisfaction. They can store the scope and the client’s selections. It can also cover one point of interaction instance to another whenever it is necessary and deal with any random customer request at any given time.

Features of Shopify Chatbots

Effortless Set-up and User-Friendly

The platform will only offer what you need for your business. Also, it does not cost a lot of money. However, once your business boomed, it is wiser to invest more. It can offer different hosting that is needed for the implementation of your website.

Integration of Application

Businesses will be able to include additional features and tasks for growing the website. Every consumer’s needs vary from time to time. The chatbot must be able to cope up with every demand.

Safe and Reliable

There is no need to worry when it comes to confidential and personal data protection, such as credit card details. The Shopify Chatbot is guaranteed guarded and safe to use. When processing financial transactions, you need quick, reliable, and 24-hour-availability.

Easy to Customize

Several themes are presented to the business, either free or paid. Now, it is straightforward to find the best idea that will suit the brand. With Shopify chatbot, you can do whatever you want.

SEO Friendly

There is no sense for an amazing online shop if there is no registered traffic. It is easy to assume that the business will slowly fade in the background in no time. With Shopify’s Chabot, it will help you raise your company’s rank so that the clients will be able to search for you. It also offers advanced statistics that can present to you where the clients come from. This is an effective strategical technique that can fit your marketing.

Benefits of Shopify Chatbots

By the use of Shopify Chatbots, your business can effectively get involved with clients on the social media platform. It is no wonder that the sum of chatbots is continuously increasing. Data shows that 2 billion messages are dispatched between people and businesses every month.

Constant Customer Sevice

The business will be able to provide the best customer satisfaction through Shopify Chatbots. Since the bots are always there 24/7, it can effectively establish the company’s brand. It will present instant, connected, and constant customer service because the replies are controlled. 

Immediate replies are equal to the high chance of increased sales. It is wise to maintain audience engagement using Shopify Chatbot by quickly responding to different queries.

Exceptional Loading Speed

Shopify Chatbot is equipped with useful software and hardware. As a result, the website can load quicker. Moreover, this bot can cater to a significant number of clients.

Lower Costs

A chatbot is a fresh way to cut costs and to save time. Instead of physically visiting stores and talking to customer support, you can have a better and more straightforward conversation with a bot. This is a more convenient way of shopping for customers.

shopify chatbot

All-Around Application

You can find anything you want in terms of features and functions. Moreover, you can easily include reviews, client’s wishlist, and have statistics. All of the marketing tools are available to use. You have thousands of choices with a good Shopify chatbot.

Own Payment Method

There are various of payment that the Shopify Chatbot offers. It also has a choice that is fueled by Stripe. If you select to utilize this, you will not have additional transaction fees. Also, there is an advantage of lowering credit card fees. One more thing, it does not need a merchant account to use.

Mobile Friendly

People choose to engage in mobile when it comes to visiting websites rather than on desktops. It is crucial to have a mobile-friendly website that can load quickly. Shopify offers themes that are quick and responsive. It presents a free built-in shopping car. It is advisable for all of the devices; the client will roam around the site whenever they want. Also, it has open applications that can let you efficiently manage your store.

Best Shopify Chatbot in 2020

Sales Boosting Chatbot by Gobot

Gobot offers the clients a new way to rediscover their shopping experience. Also, this particular app uses the gathered feedback as a cause for a unique interactive experience. Moreover, this can be easily downloaded and utilized. The business will have to decide on a template and build a new one. After a few moments, a virtual assistant will be at your aid for free.

Highlighted Features:

  • Present products for clients
  • Rapidly attend to the customer’s inquiry
  • Collect client’s feedback
  • Assist with the growth of email followers
  • Automatically arrange appointment

Gobot can be fully aligned with your Shopify store. This will be able to aid clients in choosing the right services or products. 

Kik by Kik

Kik by Kik is a free Shopify app that can assist you with your product. The primary consumer of this brand is most of American teenagers. Moreover, it is considered a beautiful place to present products that will interest that type of audience. It is also easy to set-up, link your business to Kik and classify all of your products via the pre-selected options.

Highlight Features:

  • Aim directly at our user’s pool of teenagers
  • Present your products to our 300 million users
  • Allow our users to purchase your products effectively
  • Recommend to users products that best fit their interest
  • No need to buy any ads

ANIX by Anix

The ANIX group releases ANIX by Anix. With the help of this, you will be able to have a 24/7 problem solver. This will boost sales and provide the best customer experience. What is right about this is, it is customized and rapid. As a result, the client will feel prioritized. There is also a live service team that can employ the Anix Team to talk straight to the clients.

Highlight Features:

  • Increase customer experience by answer questions quickly
  • Provide a personalized experience for faster problem solving
  • Allow creating a repository of frequently asked questions
  • Provide recommendations on how to answer some questions
  • Optimize the number of human support staff

Messenger Chatbot Marketing by Akohub

Messenger Chatbot Marketing’s primary goal is to turn all of the visitors into customers by connecting Facebook Messenger chat with your business’ website. It offers various exclusive discount products. Also, the customers will be able to place their orders to Facebook Messenger. If you are having doubts, there is a free trial plan.

Highlight Features:

  • Deliver exclusive product promotions
  • A-few-click Messenger Chatbot set up
  • Cut down on time spent on customer support
  • Save customers time
  • No coding knowledge required

Bargainator by Molsoft

Bargainator by Molsoft is created by Molsoft Team. This is an essential tool for every e-commerce admin. Due to this, they can interact with every client and raise the conversion rate. Also, this application goes beyond the horizon by predicting a person’s behavior through conversation.

Highlight Features

  • Maintain customer engagement in real-time
  • Present embedded chat module that mixes in with your theme
  • Allow the monitoring and intervening bargaining sessions
  • Notify users when the bargaining session starts
  • Allow exporting emails collected during the negotiation

Bridge the gap between your business and your client. HeroBot is on the list, too! It will not only increase your sales but also secure quadruple qualified leads. Moreover, it offers a complete messenger marketing platform. You will be able to acquire the power to build and generate various broadcasting and marketing tools that can reach a vast number of clients.

shopify chatbot

Be the best with Herobot!

Having a Shopify account for your business can be very helpful for you. It has various features that can make the management of accounts and markets easier. Today, technology innovations made using this platform easier with Shopify Chatbot. However, the biggest question would be how you can create your own without any knowledge about coding. This is where Herobot can save your day.

Herobot makes creating a Shopify chatbot without any hassle. This is by giving those who have no IT skills to develop bots by just dragging and dropping features according to their taste. Moreover, there are even templates that you could choose from if you have no idea where to start. Contact us and experience the thrill.

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