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Bot List: End the Waiting Game for Business Upgrade

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In this fast-paced era, there is no point in waiting, especially when it comes to business. The rampant use of technology makes information accessible. Customers want everything in an instant. Also, they crave the utmost attention and care from companies, which is why they are hard to satisfy. For this reason, chatbots are now being used by companies throughout the world. To help you understand more, we created an exclusive bot list with this article.

A chatbot is a new way to connect with your consumers. It is a type of artificial intelligence software that can converse discussion with a user in various online forms. Moreover, it is mostly used through messaging applications, websites, mobile apps, or telephone. It can also be able to answer basic questions or as complicated ones with an equivalent automated response by digital assistants.

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Two Classifications of Chatbots in Bot List

There are things that you need to note before knowing more about the existence of chatbots through our bot list. You should first know the classifications of Artificial Intelligence. This will surely help you choose the best bot that you can use for your industry of business. Here are some of them:

Task-oriented Chatbots/Fixed Bots

This particular chatbot is considered very specific and highly structured. It is easily controlled and very safe.  It can answer common questions, such as what services do you offer or what your products are.  They attend to the fundamental problem that does not need a lot of complicated and spontaneous explanations.

Date-driven and predictive Chatbots/AI Bots

AI bot is commonly called as virtual assistants or digital assistants. This is often categorized as sophisticated, interactive, and customized than task-oriented chatbots. This chatbot applies stored comprehension and statistics. Digital assistants can comprehend the user’s liking over time, come up with suggestions, and past user behavior.

Why is Chatbot Created?

In this time where messaging applications rapidly grows, a chatbot is vital in a mobile-first population. This is how businesses and consumers converse with each other. You need to have the effort to visit and attend to a client’s needs. A need for a proper conversation is also why having an appropriate list of bot list is a must.

Chatbot lets the company form a bond with the customer in a more personal way. This reduces the emotional-driven human interactions of employees with their customers. Moreover, it can even lessen the risk of having their own problems with clients due to the mental stress that humans experiences in their course of work.

Chatbot lets the company form a bond with the customer in a more personal way. This reduces the emotional-driven human interactions of employees with their customers. Moreover, it can even lessen the risk of having their own problems with clients due to the mental stress that humans experiences in their course of work.

Evolution of Chatbots

Professor Joseph Weizenbaum developed the first chatbot in the late 1960s. He called it ELIZA. Fast forward, in the year 2009, the company WeChat in China created a more advanced Chatbot. It became known correctly later on. Through this platform, a very simple chatbot is made accessible to be created. As the year goes by, a lot of messaging apps applied and improved the chatbot, and up to this day, it is still widely used.

Bot List of Importance

Chatbot increases functional proficiency and conducts cost savings to the business organization while bringing comfort and additional service for consumers. Bot allows businesses to quickly attend questions and conflicts without needing to assign a human for the task. Here is a bot list of how a chatbot can be beneficial to your business.

Rapid Reply

Chatbots are easy to operate. It can have an interaction with customers just like a human assistant would do. It can be programmed depending on the business’ want. One can have a basic conversation or fun conversation. Mostly, humorous conversations establish a light flow for the consumer.

Compared to some people, chatbots on bot list are not moody, and it has a lot of patience. It can never scare away potential customers from a rude response. It is easy to use to welcome the customer in a modest way every time they take an interest in the business.  Also, another fantastic thing that bots can also do is communicate in various languages. Chatbots are not limited to cater to a particular word.

Money Saver

Business organizations pay a lot of money for a customer support team. Using chatbots will be able to have fewer units but have more things to do and to offer. A proper bot list will be able to cater to a lot of customer queries while letting the company spend less to none for the services. Also, bots do not have limitations. Unlike the human support team, they have to sleep or rest. Chatbots on the bot list are available 24/7. It makes the business hire fewer employees. It saves a lot of money and energy.

Cater to User’s Need

Since chatbot is an artificial intelligence software, it can quickly evaluate and comprehend the customer’s wants and needs. Based on the conversation, the customer and the bot will have, the bot automatically analyzes a customer’s query and provide a solution to them. Bot list, usually collect data by asking simple questions. The business will be able to trail the command and replies given by the consumer to the chatbot. It can also track consumer’s purchase patterns and behaviors by monitoring user data. This aids the company in which products to market, more or less, and develop for relaunching.

Moreover, bots can answer queries simultaneously. It will be able to give the consumer the best customer care they need. This reason fuels the consumer to buy the product or service the business offers. Also, bots can cater to monotonous questions. This enables the business to focus on vital cases. It also expands awareness of the brand of the company.

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Expanding Customer Brand

Chatbots can help a business increase customer engagement. It is vital to keep the consumer occupied with the brand, from time to time. This will keep the consumer updated and interested. AI makes the conversation interactive and humorous. Unlike the human support team, bots can likely maintain the great flow of dialogue.

Less Error

Artificial intelligence is advanced and created to make no error at all. Business organizations would not have to worry about the company’s reputation. A chatbot will only supply the data provided, on how it is programmed to do so. Since it is only tasked to attend questions depending on the queries, it will only give relevant answers. It is essential that the business will always update the software to use the best of it.

Accessible Market for Millennials

Most people have their gadget, even if it is inexpensive or costly. Millennials and Gen Z are usually the types of consumer that hates waiting. They also cover almost 60% of the market. It explains why a lot of business people venture on online selling because it covers a wide range of consumers. It allows the company to expand the operations to fresh markets without worrying about multiple incoming requests that need to be handled.

What you can get with this

Monitoring Social Media Trends

One way of being present in the social media platform has a Chabot. Chatbots will be able to monitor and analyze the trends that a consumer wants quickly. It reaches more consumers every day. Also, 65% of smartphone users don’t download new apps in a month. It is wise to unite the company chatbot into one of the well-known platforms that the consumers use daily. It is a lot better than creating a new app, and it unquestionably saves money and effort.

Upgraded Customer Support

a. Extensive Customer Support

83% of online shoppers require assistance during shopping. Usually, the query is about a deeper understanding of the product or fitting into the budget of the consumer. Also, they might not be able to find what they are looking for because of issues on the website or check out process. In these typical situations, chatbots can aid the shopper like the right salesperson in a real shop. It can provide an interactive conversation wherein they will be able to ask questions to comprehend the main problem. Besides, through with text and voice, chatbots can supply consumer rich content with product pages, photos, blog entries, tutorials based on their replies.

b. Always-Available Customer Support

An essential factor to success is customer service. A chatbot is an asset to one’s company because it can provide the best customer support for the consumers. Chatbots can be programmed to offer an automated response that is available 24/7.

Proactive Customer Interaction

Most companies apply passive customer interaction. Meaning they will only respond to consumers when they are reached and prefer not to initiate conversations. In a fast-paced era like today, businesses do not have the luxury to stay passive anymore. Companies, be it startup or well-known, they are all competitive.

Staying connected with the customer every day requires a lot of workforce and money, but a good thing, there is a chatbot. One can initiate communication with each of the customers the brand has. This is a guarantee that the brand is one step ahead of the game. 

Bot List that You Should Know

A lot of huge brands utilize chatbots effectively. This only proves that chatbots are an effective aid for the betterment of the business.  Here are the top three brands that use chatbot:


This beauty retailer uses a messenger platform to converse with its millions of consumers all around the world. Their certain chatbot allows online users to make an appointment with one of the brand’s beauty experts from the comfort of their home.


This popular music streaming platform in this bot list also has millions of users worldwide. The chatbot allows the business to arrest customer service issues and provide the best service.

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This is the largest floral gift retailer in the United States. It uses bots to speed up the purchasing process and provide useful customer information. These top three brands became an asset to each other of their businesses. They are worthy of being in the bot list because they improved customer engagement, streamline workflows, and give the best service.

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