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Integrate Email Chatbot to Achieve Your Marketing Goals

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In the past couple of years, numerous brands have begun to use chatbots in their digital transactions with customers. Some companies have also started utilizing chatbots in their marketing campaigns. A Chatbot can be a great tool for increasing or boosting the efficacy of more facets of their email marketing.

Chatbots have been everywhere for years. Still, they only recently attaining conventional popularity, due to huge development and breakthrough in technology surrounding bots. Email marketing remains the most successful and powerful marketing formulas in the digital world. In addition, it is one of the most profitable any business can implement.

email marketing

Actually, for each $1 a business spends on an email promotion, it earns or receives $38 revenue on investment. If you believe email marketing can’t get any greater or better, then think again. Currently, a lot of businesses have begun to purchase the most recent technological trends like chatbots.

This technology allows brands to effortlessly hook or obtain new audiences like millennials, while still keeping up your connection with email subscribers through email marketing. Are you looking for something new to enhance your marketing strategy? Here is Hero Bot, your innovative partner in making your marketing goals successful. Let’s take a peek at how email marketing and chatbots fit together.

Traditional Marketing with the use of Email

Traditional marketing is a wide-ranging category that includes many arrangements for advertising and marketing. Additionally, traditional marketing is the most distinguishable form of marketing, including the advertisements that we appreciate and learn every day. Every company selling a product or service applies one or more types of traditional marketing as part of an advertising strategy. Small businesses and entrepreneurs, who may have little marketing budgets, usually utilize print marketing to advertise to customers.

Email marketing is defined as the use of email to build deep connections with potential customers or clients. Email marketing is one part of internet marketing, which incorporates online marketing via social media, blogs, etc. It is essentially the same as a direct mail not including that as an alternative of sending mail through postal service, messages are sent directly and electronically via email.

Email Chatbot vs. Traditional Email Marketing

One of the most convincing advantages of chatbots from a marketing interpretation is that messages forwarded or sent through bots have much greater access than email. Bots can have click-through rates varying from 15% up to 60%, and even the bottom-most end of that spectrum exceeds the standard email marketing click-through rates, which is only 4%. It could be that the reason click-through rates are so much outrageous for bots is that because they comply with users’ liking to bring a personalized experience.

Apparently, a benefit that chatbots have over email marketing is that users have to give a direct or understandable authorization to receive messages. Through bots, brands can rapidly make it to their target or selected audience, on the platforms they regularly use. The interactivity given by chatbots can also be a blessing or advantage for eCommerce businesses who are really trying to facilitate purchases by using the latest technology.

 On the other hand, one of the most prominent advantages of email marketing associates with the usage behaviors throughout generations. Email is the only real, genuine, and open platform. Not everyone has a Facebook account, however, everyone has an email address. It is fundamentally our crucial digital identity that is necessary for registering for any other account we access online.

Don’t throw Email out just yet

Yes, chatbots are indeed promising and are currently more powerful than emails. However, you must not email out just yet.

One of the greatest advantages of marketing through email is related to the behaviors of usage across generations. A statistic has shown that more than 50% of people that are aged 55 and above say that they won’t opt to mobile devices first in checking an email. This, therefore, indicates that they have a wider disinterest in mobile as their main device. This means to say that this demographic is not enthusiastic enough in responding to instant messages quickly unlike their younger counterparts. In addition, older generations are more used to receiving promotions via email.

The second great characteristic of email is that email is an open platform. Let’s think about the fact that not every people have a Facebook account. Also, not everyone uses the same device or operating system. But, everyone has their own email address. Basically, it serves as people’s key digital identity, which is a requirement in registering for any other online accounts. Therefore, this means that there is less friction in finding customers or audience, and moreover, you can reach almost everyone on the web.

Additionally, emails are easy to share. With a simple hit of the “forward” button, all user can easily share a good email. When using emails in marketing, you can just give your audience a reason to share your email, and then you can widen your reach easily.

So, which is better, Chatbot or Email?


There is no ‘one-size-that-fits-all in this argument. Whether you opt to prioritize chatbot marketing or email marketing depends on your business’ nature itself, as well as your customers and audience. Those who can take advantage of email marketing are businesses that have older audiences. However, iterating for a highly engaged customer via email newsletter can be quite difficult, so you better be prepared and do it well. Email is also great for those who want to send out longer contents.

However, businesses with audiences in younger age must definitely consider using chatbots. With the use of chatbots, businesses can quickly reach a targeted audience, on whatever platform they are often using. Startups also benefit the use of chatbots with immediate feedbacks, this enables them to implement feedbacks, and quickly tailor their messaging. The interactivity provided by chatbots is also advantageous for businesses wishing to facilitate purchases with the use of the latest technology.

You should also try to utilize bot email and chatbots, or use an email chatbot. In this way, you can reap the benefits that each platform provides. For instance, you can reach a bigger audience by promoting your bot in your newsletters, highlighting its exceptional benefits and encourages users to quickly sign up. You can also consider cultivating lead through email by offering your audience some resources to help them decide on their purchases. Then you can use your bot to answer the remaining questions they ask and close a sale.

Email and chatbots do not have to be enemies and subject to arguments. Make them work together, and you will be surprised by how a great team they are. Yes, chatbots are promising, especially in the future. However, today, it can be great to consider both email and chatbot for your marketing strategy.

Chatbot and Email Integration to Reach Your Marketing Goals

Chatbots and Emails, in many instances, have different purpose and role. It is necessary to understand which program or platform is perfect or appropriate for certain use-cases.

Emails are significant for informing or revealing the details of your brand. Chatbots let you offer solutions in a well-timed manner. Why do chatbots and email marketing integrate each other? Here’s why:

Chatbots and Email Marketing Have A Common Goal

Both tools seek to communicate and negotiate with customers and impart them an exceptional experience. Email and chatbot marketing help and assist a user to discover more about what you do. Chatbots can answer and response easy questions or task in an instant while emails can take care of more complex inquiries.

They Give Different Content Types

Chatbots and email marketing grant you to engage users through different types of content. With chatbots, you are always available. You can include short snippets and add direction to external resources. Emails let you give more in-depth experience through a sequence of rich media messages.

email chatbot

For instance, you can bring up in your email that the brand has a customer service Chatbot and that a user can communicate and connect anytime. One more way is to use the Messenger chatbot to assemble email addresses. Usually, it works by offering content through your bot and asking if they would like to receive the same media via email.

E-commerce business owners can also take advantage of both channels. Users can now choose and order products from bots directly. You can support this by sending your audience personalized emails with your product. For instance, a user that purchases a beauty product through a chatbot should be given detailed instructions on how to use it through an email.

It’s fascinating to see how new technological developments adapt to the market and what they can do for business. On the other hand, if something new came out, it does not necessarily mean that it shall take the place of something old. Chatbots are becoming famous for many businesses, and email can still be effective as it was before. Consider combining the two platforms and see how it can help you achieve success.

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