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Chatbot Companies: Why You Should Use Lawyer Bots

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Everything is moving towards the digital world and a lot of marketers and business people are considering to utilize the internet for their advantage. With this, chatbot companies are becoming a hot topic as numerous industries are using it in their operations. This does not exclude the legal sector from the list.

Moreover, in the past years, chatbot companies such as DoNotPay is creating a big hype on people who needs legal help but does not have enough budget to get one. Due to this, other developers gain interest in this and start creating their own legal chatbots. Meanwhile, there is still a diversity on the field of legalities and issues that every bot is focusing. This is why it is important to know the chatbots that you should consult and why you should use them.

chatbot companies

Revolutionizing the Legal Department

The success of chatbot companies in various industries is undeniable. In fact, e-commerce, small businesses, travel agencies and even the government services are now using bots as their front-line worker. As different fields start to build their own bots, it is still questionable if there would be a success on building an AI for legal services. However, this is proved to be possible by some websites who uses chatbots to offer knowledges about law.

Even if the law firms are still new on these digital ideas, they grasp the importance of it just like how revolutionary it is on the medical field. Thus, it is only natural for the people to start embracing the advantages of lawyer bots and chatbot companies. Moreover, there are even some people who are acknowledging the usefulness of these bots on handling their everyday life.  

How Lawyer bots can help law firms

Nowadays, it is undeniable how the bot is helping every sector cope up with the technological needs of modern people. However, some still do not have any idea why the legal services need chatbot companies to provide a wider perspective and a bigger hand to help people. Here in this article, we will help you note down all the advantages of using lawyer bots.

1. Legal chatbots lets people know your niche.

One of the common problems of any law firm is having people ask them for legal services that they do not provide. This is because people often thought that all lawyers know every nook and crannies of the law. However, the truth is that most lawyers have specialization such as real estate lawyers and divorce lawyers. Imagine building a firm for divorce cases and receiving calls and inquiries regarding crime cases. It could not only be a waste of time, but this could also waste your resources. This is where chatbot companies can help you.

Chatbot companies can be your best employee and business partner at the same time. It can help you build your niche in the industry and even connect you with interested clients. By automation and artificial intelligence, bots help law firms on answering repetitive inquiries of the customers. Due to this, you can filter the clients who are truly interested on the services that you offer. Moreover, you will not need to hire more people for admin tasks because your online chatbot can do this for you.

2. Lawyer bots can make your website friendlier.

Nowadays, it is only natural for law firms to digitize their approach on their possible clients. However, building a good website does not only mean good contents and design. You should also note that your website visitors should be able to get more information from this. But the problem is that legal terms and jargons may be a little too hard for an average person to understand. With this in mind, you might need a little help from chatbot companies.

If you have a lawyer bot on your website, they can help your visitors to understand some unfamiliar terms by explaining them in a simpler way. Moreover, as your website may be a little intimidating for some users, a friendly bot that is on its way to help anyone may come handy. Imagine them reading some of your blogs regarding legal issues and they found it hard to understand. It will not cost you much if you bot offers them help with it. It can also suggest contacting you for a more personal approach on their case.

3. Legal chatbots can make great use of your existing content.

Just like what was discussed before, having a lawyer bot on your website can be a good way to help your customers know more about your website. Most websites create numerous contents in order to create more traffic and bring more visitors on their page. This is also helpful to get in contact to more potential clients. However, if you want more viewers on your content, chatbot companies can also leverage your site’s information.

Lawyer bot can have access on all your contents such as articles, posts, videos, news, etc. As it scans them, it can extract useful snippets and even copy links. This will then be useful when it is having a dialogue with your potential clients. The bot can also suggest articles and give out links to them. Moreover, will not only help your clients but will also affect the image of your firm. Thus, it is really helpful to have chatbot companies on your law firm website.

chatbot companies

4. You get first-hand information about your clients.

Law firms do not only need to give out information to the public. More than this, it needs to know first-hand information regarding its potential clients. This is one of the reasons why you should have chatbot companies working for your firm. As it converses with its users and asks basic questions, the information regarding its users will automatically compile. These compilations of information will then be sent to you.

Moreover, the conversation that your lawyer bot is having with your potential clients will be really useful for the betterment of your firm and site. With bots recording their conversation with users, you can take note of the frequently asked questions of your clients. You can also take them as suggestions which will help you have better offers for them. This will not only improve your site, but also your firm.

Chatbot companies that you should check

Now that you know how chatbot companies can help legal firms, you might now be interested on creating one. However, remember that this will not be an easy task. You will need a more elaborate knowledge on how you can create an effective bot for your field. Moreover, it will also help to take note of the other lawyer bots around the world wide web.


DoNotPay is one of the most recognizable names when it comes to lawyer bots. It is founded by Joshua Browder and originally intends to help people with issues regarding parking tickets. Sounds pretty simple, right? However, as time goes by, it became widely used by people and is known as the “world’s first robot lawyer.” Now, it is also able to help people with challenging parking tickets around the United States and even get refunds whenever there is a price drop on airplane tickets. Moreover, it will only take a few minutes to finish the whole process as the bot will only ask you a few questions and some relevant legal information to help you.

chatbot companies


If we are talking about multiple immigration issues, then Visabot can help you out. You can communicate with this bot via Facebook Messenger which is why it is very handy. There are different options for any help you need such as B2 extension, getting a green card and even a H-1B transfer. This lawyer bot will only ask factual questions and there will be a ready pre-written response that you can choose from. With all your answers, it will then analyze the situation and will give an appropriate advice to solve the immigration case.


This lawyer bot is an Australian chatbot which has an expertise on creating non-disclosure agreement or privacy policy. It only needs to ask some questions and will use the user’s responses to give out useful advices and documents.

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