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Better Dental Practice With An AI Chat Bot

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Nowadays, we rely on technology to make our lives more convenient and to function better in the society. This is also the reason why most people are dependent on their phone and can’t make it through a day without gadgets. One of the innovations that are well-known in the global market is the arising of chat bot. This is a computer program that can communicate through online conversations powered by an artificial intelligence. It is now being used by different lines of businesses and dental centers are already starting to utilize AI chat bot.

Moreover, AI chat bot is able to do things that are hindering people in dentistry to do other important things that they should be doing. By using chat bot, you can program your software to do repetitive tasks that annoys and stresses most of the employees. Some of these are answering frequently asked questions and scheduling appointments. Rather than having the dentist or its assistants spend their time doing these things, AI chat bots can easily do these tasks.  This also adds to the engagement of the customers in the dental centers as they communicate with the AI chat bot efficiently.

AI chat bot

Chat bot AI marketing

The capacity of our modern technology allowed companies to widen their functionalities. They are in the pursuit of providing great conversational experiences in terms of web and mobile processes. As a result of this, businesses will be able to custom-label their offerings. It can gain a systematic workflow and proper conversational exchanges between the client and the company. A chat bot is basically the most straightforward way of communication tools for people, whether it be for your clients or patients this 2019.

The state of the art age has revolutionized in every possible form of communication. As a dental practitioner, it is very essential to offer an excellent customer service. Moreover, AI chat bot can provide availability to respond to common concerns of patients such as the availability of the services of the dentist. Moreover, dental clinics get a lot of inquiries every day and answering these queries can be time consuming and sometimes bothering. There are even some instances where they lose important leads and clients just because of their inability to communicate with right away. Even if you are already able to grab their attention they might just find other dental centers that can actually provide them services immediately. However, chat bots are able to provide the best customer service that your dental clinic needs.

What is a dental chat bot?

In the present day, technology provides better solutions for different circumstances. Meanwhile, a dental AI chat bot is an automated tool made to address the situation of an inability of dental clinics to interact with their patients. It is a platform wherein they can answer to patients’ questions and concerns. Also, these bots has machine learning which enables them to learn more things as they communicate with people and utilize them for future use. This way, it can answer harder questions as it has more experiences with users. It is also possible that AI chat bot will not need human help to handle complicated situations in the future.

Moreover, as the AI chat bot talks to a patient, you can attend to the needs of other patients. What makes this software unique is that it is designed to address the needs of dentists and their patients. Let us put a potential patient sending a message inquiring about dental implants as an example. The artificial intelligence of the software will then recognize the keyword. Then, they will instantly respond with the information about that service.

Furthermore, they can also add the price and description of the service. It will then eventually result in a potential client to choose whether to book a schedule. Moreover, it is easier for clients to inquire for other services your dental clinic can provide. Simply put into words, a dental chat bot is well made and wise enough to be in a basic conversation with the patient. They are well designed to process the patient’s inquiries. 

What things do dental patients love about AI chat bot?

A dental chat bot is a fun and accessible means for patients to have any answers to their questions. They can simply ask a question by sending messages instead of scrolling through multiple pages of your dental website. The chat bot will reply to patients in an instant. They can get the best answer regarding to their dental related questions. For example, there is a potential patient who asked the chat bot if they offer tooth extraction. The chat bot then can respond in a snap with a quick answer. They can also provide links about tooth extraction pages. The patient then can gain more useful information. Moreover, the bot can ask questions to patients and will eventually work on booking an appointment for them.

You may have hesitations and doubt if people benefit from the use of AI chat bot. Well, we are here to remind you that they are. They prefer to use a more accessible messaging app nowadays than the traditional form of communication like email. An AI chat bot is a new way to automate often used procedures in your practice. Also, AI chat bot can give patients specific details and can even appoint their schedules. It will let staffs free their time for more critical tasks. Most of all, it can lead to enhancement of employees’ efficiency and their satisfaction.

AI chat bot

Why is chat bot safer than live chat?

A lot of dentists might be worried about how they do not have a full control over how AI chat bot is interacting with a dental patient. They think a chat sent by their staff is better and safer for their dental patients. However this is not true. Humans are have feelings and can be exhausted from overworking. Meaning, your team will never know if they will be ready to respond to a chat even when the dental practice is on its open business hours. If the potential patient needs to wait for a few hours for them to get a reply back, there is a tendency that they will go elsewhere. This is why a lot of dental clinics are relying on AI chat bot now.

The chat bot is guaranteed to be able to answer a potential patient’s questions in an instant. There will be some instances where your staff will spend a lot of time thinking about the proper answer. They will also take too much time locating for the right links to send to the patient. It will lead to a slow and bad experience for your patients. Your AI chat bot can provide the best answer. Some staff might respond to some questions in a way you do not like as they are frustrated and puzzled. The dentist has control over every word the chat bot says.

What are the benefits of AI chat bot to dental clinics?

There is no doubt that AI chat bot is one of the hottest trends in the marketing industry. Its automation features is able to help a lot of business in advertising and customer service. To know more about the benefits of AI chat bot, here are some of the benefits that you can gain from using a chat bot and how it helps dental services clinics.

1. It increases the number of patients that are setting appointments.

Booking an appointment becomes more convenient for patients with AI chat bot. As we all know, it very hard contacting dental clinics especially because they are full most of the time. Also, the main problem of some dentist assistants is communicating with rude customers. However, AI chat bot can handle these things and can always provide the best customer engagement all of the time. Moreover, setting appointments from numerous clients is also easier with its automation.

2. It can be online 24/7, 365 days of the year.

One of the good things about using AI chat bot is that it can operate 24/7. Because it always available online, any patient can hold a conversation with it anytime and anywhere. It prevents you from losing potential patients simply because you are not able to respond to their concerns immediately.

3. It can entertain a lot of clients at the same time.

Obviously, dental staff can only manage about 2 to 3 chat conversations. Also, as we all know, hiring someone to work in a graveyard shift is extremely costly. However, dental AI chat bot can hold multiple dialogues at all time without stressing itself. This makes it very efficient for both the owner of the dental clinic and the patients contacting it.

AI chat bot

4. It can help you save money.

As mentioned above, hiring people for customer service and assistants to manage your appointment can cost you a lot. However, doing all these things by yourself is just impossible and will only overwork you. But now, AI chat bot is here to answer all your problems without spending too much. You only need a good platform to create your own chat bot and everything else will fall down in its place.

Have your own dental AI chat bot!

An AI chat bot is the future of dental clinic marketing. It will surely benefit the clinic by providing the best form of advertisement, lead generation and building connection with customers. If you are interested on creating one, HeroBot is your one-stop-shop for a smoother customer experience.

Here at, we are always ready to extend our assistance. We are very much willing to further discuss to you how a dental chat bot can make a change in the dental marketing industry. Feel free to visit or contact us now.

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