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Best Bot Creation Tool and 6 Best Innovative Bot Examples to Help Build Your Own

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Chatbots are widely used today for various purposes. It can be used for entertainment, news updates, sports, and most especially for improving the marketing strategies of businesses. Development of AI technology has made marketing automation more effective. Making the best bot saves significant amounts of money and time, allowing business owners to maximize their time and effort for more critical matters of their business.

Moreover, it brings a substantial increase in businesses’ revenues. Whether big or small companies, chatbots prove to be beneficial; that is if designed and developed properly. Bots that are more personalized and have more exciting features will bring better results. And here in this article, we will discuss the best innovative bots out there.

Chatbot Ecosystem

best bot

The most difficult part of using chatbots is creating an effective conversation. Most brands use chatbots struggles when it comes to this part. You could create warm welcoming conversation structures, but still unable to get traction. Or you may overhaul your pitch, but still unable to acquire leads. You can use funny and interesting emoji or GIFs in sending discount, offers or other contents, but still, get little interaction and response.

The strategies mentioned above have worked efficiently well. That is when the Messenger Chatbot Marketing was still less populated and social media enables organic leads. Nowadays, the chatbot world has become more competitive, and it’s difficult to stand out among thousands of bots out there.

Today, chatbots are being developed to become more human-like and as personal as possible. According to INC, Facebook Messenger is the second most used messaging app in the world. And in fact, more audiences continue to adopt messenger as the main communication medium for business or other transactions.

The world of chatbots has drastically changed. However, the main objective is still the same: To deliver creative, convenient, and fast-responding services.

Presently, you must refrain from sending nonspecific broadcasts or contents to your customer list. This is because it doesn’t work most of the time. In a fierce and strict competition, the best innovative bot should direct customer problems with the most effective and correct solutions.

Useful tips from Best bot of 2019

In this part of the article, we shall start discussing the list of best bot out there, and get some excellent tips and ideas if you want to create your own chatbot:

1. National Geographic chatbot

National Geographic had an excellent idea to give users a chance to talk with Albert Einstein – well at least with a bot that answers like Einstein. They developed a chatbot that would speak like Albert Einstein, in order to endorse one of their show titled “Genius”. Unlike most of the companies which will bombard you with massive promotional messages, Einstein chatbot engages users in a fascinating conversation. In addition, Einstein chatbot will sometimes respond with some information regarding “Genius” and other shows of National Geographic.

How did this benefit National Geographic? According to Social Media Week, they had 11 turns each conversation, 50% user re-engagement, involved community of followers and an average of 6-8 minute conversations. Truly, the best bot that brought excellent results. All these good results by choosing a user-friendly and interesting bot strategy.

Points to learn:

  • Rethink concepts in a brand new way. Several companies use chatbots to improve their customer services. Refrain from using same conversational sequence, over and over again. Instead, create and use something new that no one has ever seen.
  • Make chatbots that deliver intimate conversations. Users of Einstein bot felt and thought they were talking to the real Einstein. Einstein chatbot has given excellent answers to both personal and professional questions asked by the users. Because of this, users have felt an intimate connection with the bot, and then the show it has promoted.
  • Make effective engagement with humor. With a natural conversation, essential information and a good sense of humor, your chatbot can keep on engaging users.

2. KIA’s “Kian”

Automotive is considered as an industry with the fiercest competition in the world. However, with KIA’s chatbot called “Kian”, they had made messenger a feasible channel for information. According to Mobile Marketer, Kian interacts with 115,000 users a week, 21% conversion rate, and has created interaction three times than the corporate site.

Points to learn:
  • Enable humanlike interactions. Kian chatbot gives answers to any questions regarding any of KIA’s car models, just like an actual human salesman.
  • Use data collecting ability of bots and enhance retargeting. Like Kian, you should create a chatbot that captures every customer’s needs and information. Therefore, your leads won’t just vanish and shall drive future sales and marketing strategies.
  • Provide several services in a single place. Don’t use chatbots to do a single task like getting lead information. Utilize them for doing multitasks, such as bills payment, physical store searching, and other more.

It is common for a chatbot to answer basic questions. But if you want to build the best bot, you must design it to answer the multiple needs of your customers. The best bot should provide the best customer service.

3. Emirates Vacations Chatbot

CTR (Click-Through Rate) of display ads averages an all-time low of 0.35%. Because of this, Emirates Vacations integrated chatbot to their display ads. This resulted in 87% increase in engagement rates since it was implemented in 2018.

best bot

Points to learn:

  • Provide a smooth experience. To be able to book a flight right within the ad proves to be convenient for most of Emirates Vacations’ customers. Customers won’t need to be directed to other pages and click a lot of links, therefore making sure profits.
  • Help user achieve their goal. Before browsing the net, users already have a goal in mind. Like Emirates Vacations’ bot, you should develop a bot that will help them complete and achieve their goal within a short amount of time.
  • Be relevant. Instead of sending generic messages to all of your subscribers, provide a different sequence for your business’ homepage, Facebook page, and product pages.

4. Budlight Chatbot

Bud Light’s chatbot provides a fun experience to their customers. With their chatbot, they offer beer deliveries in less than an hour during game days. It also sends specialized team cans and even reminds customers to stock their refrigerators for every coming game day. This resulted in 83% increased engagement rate from its launch.

Points to learn:
  • Do it slowly, but surely. Making the best bot does not happen in an instant. Surely you will want to make a bot that can do everything. But the key to building a successful bot is to take it easy. Make a step-by-step improvement. Doing everything at once during start-up fails most of the time.
  • Send timely and appropriate contents. Just like Bud Light’s chatbot, you should create a bot that will blast customers with random irrelevant contents. Instead, you should send appropriate contents and make sure your timing is also correct.

5. Civilized Caveman Chatbot

One of the first adopters of messenger chatbot quiz was the Civilized Caveman. They provided a 1-minute quiz and then followed by a 7-day detox. This resulted in a fortified relationship between them and their customer.

Points to learn:
  • Include quizzes to start conversations. One of the best way to catch the interest and engage customers. Moreover, by clicking on the “Get Started” button, users already become subscribers.
  • Improve engagement with the use of relevant images. Emoji, GIFs, and images will hold customers’ attention a little longer. This will help you bring customers deeper down to your marketing funnel.

With civilized caveman chatbot’s humanlike approach and excellent conversational tone, they reach their customers’ emotion. Making them curious and interested, until they become a regular subscriber.

6. Whole Foods Chatbot.

Whole Foods’ chatbot is renowned for allowing users to find recipes in an instant, therefore driving significant traffic to their website. Not only recipes they are offering, but a variety of creative cooking inspiration and product recommendations as well.

Points to learn:
  • Make chatbots that simplify searches. One best thing about Whole Foods’ chatbot is that users find it very easy to find recipes and other information they are searching for. With the use of filters, their bot simplifies the search, and moreover, they provide a preview of the recipes. When users decide to click on the showed result, they will be directed to Whole Foods’ website to fully view the recipe.
  • Make it personalized. Making a personalized chatbot can be challenging. However, if done well, a chatbot can create better engagement and customer interaction. It makes users fee a bit happy to feel pampered and special, and not just like one of your many users.
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Create your own now!

We hope these best bot examples have inspired you and enriched your knowledge in regards to chatbots. It really is easy to build chatbots with all the tools available. However, the world of chatbots today have fierce and intense competition. Therefore, the real challenge is to build a chatbot that will stand-out among the rest that exists.

Captivate your users. Stimulate their curiosity and interests. More importantly, provide them the best customer service that you could offer through your own chatbot. What are you waiting for? Start your chatbot ventures now! Herobot will help you in every step of the way. Come visit us.

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