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Awesome Chatbot List: The Reasons Why You Should Love Chatbot

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Have you ever fell in love with a chatbot? If yes, well, I cannot judge you. There really are a lot of reasons why you should love this innovative platform. From the beginning of chatbots when Alan Turing published the question, ‘’Can machines think?” which gave life to of Artificial Intelligence, to the most sophisticated chatbots the digital world has, there really are a lot of reasons to love chatbot.

love chatbot

Let me tell you a story. There was once a renowned psychologist named Robert Epstein who fell in love with a girl named Evana. Way back in 2006, Epstein, who was also the former editor-in-chief of Psychology Today had a couple of month-long online affair with Evana. But, there was a problem, Evana turned out to be a product of Artificial Intelligence. AI platforms like Evana are more commonly known as chatbots. Of course, this is not the kind of love that I mentioned a while ago. However, I can give you a long list of reasons why you should love chatbot as well as the list of innovative chatbot platforms online.

The Brief History of Chatbots

Since the first AI-powered chatbot was already mentioned, let me first take you back to the history of bots.

As mentioned, it was in 1950 when an English computer scientist named Alan Turing proposed the question, “Can machines think?” which gave birth to the first artificial intelligence platform named Turing Test.

In 1966, the contemporaries of Turing tried to pass his test. Joseph Weizenbaum created ELIZA, the first-ever chatbot. However, ELIZA failed to pass the Turing Test.

ALICE was the most advanced chatbot in 1995. Although this bot was not able to pass the Turing Test, it received a lot of awards for being the most innovative bot of its time.

It was in 2010 when Apple brought Siri to life. Siri is an intelligent assistant that is able to operate using voice command.

In the present, Amazon wants to improve their AI voice command named Alexa by making her an intelligent social bot who can talk to anyone, anywhere.

Reasons why you should love chatbot

Just like your crushes, chatbots also have some good qualities that users find attractive. But, before I give you the list of AI-powered platforms that you should fall for, let me first enumerate the reasons why chatbots are getting famous nowadays.


Chatbot interfaces today are equally accessible, regardless of language proficiency. Additionally, the latest chatbot interfaces can now be used by people with visual impairments. For instance, chatbots can read texts aloud for people who are visually impaired.


There are a lot of data breaching issues in the midst of the digital world’s fame. However, chatbots became more secured. These bots are transparent on the data they collect; furthermore, users can now choose what information the bots can collect.

On Point

Chatbots can put what you need right in the palm of your hands. Whether you are shopping for clothes to buy or accessories to use, chatbots can help you find it with just a couple of clicks. Moreover, chatbots are task-focused. You can describe the clothes and accessories you want, and this chatbot will definitely find it for you.


Based on the prior conversation, chatbots can predict the next thing that you might need. In addition to this, these AI platforms can give suggestions whenever they get the chance to. With chatbots, you name it, they have it.

Emotionally Intelligent

An ideal chatbot has a reasoning capacity and can predict whether a customer is happy, sad, or angry even without the aid of a live agent. Moreover, it can also decide what it should do next for the good of is customers.


Get over your common and boring online customer experience. Chatbots are now offering fun and unique ways for customers to connect with businesses. Additionally, chatbots are more personalized than traditional customer services, which makes it suitable for any type of customers.

9 awesome examples that will make you love chatbot

What is the list of qualities if nothing possess these qualities, right? Ever since the birth of the Turing Test, chatbots continued to develop until they became what they are today. A lot of businesses are now using chatbots for their own leverage. Likewise, the use bots not only to market their brands but also to make sure of their customers’ satisfaction. 

Having said these, here is the list of 9 chatbots that business customers will surely fall in love with:

The Starbucks Barista Bot

This digital friend of ours is the reason why coffee fanatics love chatbot. Starbucks Barista Bot uses Facebook Messenger to order your coffee without the need for you to interact with real-life people. This chatbot has the most valuable purpose for coffee lovers and spares them from having to endure the long lines in coffee shops. Such convenience will give more time for customers to finish their tasks while their shot of energy booster is being made for delivery in the location they selected through the chatbot.

love chatbot
eBay ShopBot

This is created for people who love to go online shopping spree. eBay ShopBot debuted on Facebook Messenger in the year 2006. This chatbot is perfect for people who love shopping but hates browsing for a long time. As time passes by, the digital world is offering more selection to online shoppers, and choosing what to buy can be time-consuming. With eBay ShopBot, predictive choices based on how you describe your preferences will be sent to your Facebook Messenger.

Poncho Bot

Think of the last time you went out of your house without bringing an umbrella, and the rain caught you by surprise. It would have been nice if you were warned about the bad weather at that time, right? This is the reason why Poncho was created. This bot is a weathercat from Brooklyn that sends you daily forecasts based on the location you selected when you registered for the bot. In addition to this, Poncho also answers to simple, weather-related questions. “Will it rain today?” and “Should I bring an umbrella?” for instance, are some of the question that this weather friend can answer.


This chatbot is perfect for travel enthusiasts. Hipmunks sends deals and promotion on Facebook Messenger based on the user’s preferences. Travelers visit a lot of sites before booking for a certain destination, but with the perfectly tailored capabilities of Hipmunk, traveling was made more convenient.


Learning another language other than your native one can be difficult most, especially if you try to learn it on your own. For this reason, Duolingo was born. The chatbot developed a feature in its app where language learners can converse with native bots through Facebook Messenger. Additionally, Duolingo has a feature where users can take the Duolingo English Test (DET), a language certification exam that is accepted by over 200 universities.

Whole Foods

This Facebook Messenger bot is famous cooking recipes, recommendations, and inspirations. More so, customers who use this chatbot can send an emoji, a bell pepper, for instance, and the bot will send recipes that involve this ingredient. This exploratory chatbot proves that there are many ways to engage shoppers and improve their shopping experience.

Google Assistant

This is Google’s recreation of Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Apple’s Siri. Google Assistant has made amazing progress ever since its launch in 2016. It supports both text and voice entry, which can be activated by saying, “Hey, Google.” Google Assistant can control your devices and smart home, find information online like weather forecasts, latest news, and even giving you directions. Additionally, Google Assistant can also give you real-time spoken translations.


The HealthTap chatbot is also connected to Facebook Messenger. This bot answers your health-related questions which are reviewed by physicians who are associated with HealthTap. People who are feeling unwell no longer have to wait for the doctor’s diagnosis, they can already know what is happening to their body with the help of this chatbot. However, the bot’s recommendation may be insufficient so they can still opt for a live video consultation on the app.

love chatbot
National Geographic Einstein Bot

Have you ever wondered how Albert Einstein would’ve talked if he’s still alive? National Geographic has the answer to your curiosity. Einstein Bot, created to promote their show Genius, use conversations with users to promote their show. Additionally, they send interesting bits of information that creates engagement with users.

Let’s face it, we cannot live in a world where Facebook and Facebook Messenger does not exist. For this reason, all the chatbots listed above are connected to Facebook Messenger. Aside from this, Facebook and Messenger are the platforms where people spend most of their time, so chatbot developers target possible customers through these platforms. To cut things short and to summarize everything listed above, this is the reason for you to love chatbot: because it makes your digital life easier and more accessible.

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