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Automated Chat App: Your Travel Assistant for This Holiday Season

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The holiday season is coming and this means that there would be a lot of out of town getaways and travel plans. Because of this, travel agencies has been getting numerous messages and calls these days. Meanwhile, the technological advancements has made a great difference in the way people are planning their trips. With the creation of automated chat app, travel companies are able to digitalize and transform the travel experience of travelers.

automated chat

Moreover, automated chat applications has made a notable impact in various sectors of businesses across the globe. This computer program enables the companies to communicate better with their customers and answer their needs. These bots are integrated in websites and other messaging applications to provide customers more ways to connect. As the generation of new travelers are increasing, travel companies are using chatbots to integrate with them.

Roles of an automated chat app for travelers

If you think that the best thing that an automated chat app can do for travelers is to connect them to traveling agencies, you are wrong. Chatbots are useful in other aspects and plays different roles for users. It can be a guide for them, help them find good deals and even book rental places and hotels. It is also very easy to use and does not require any hassle. To know more about the roles an automated chat app can embody, here are some of them.

Expense manager

One of the problems that every traveler encounters in their trips is budgeting their money and allocating their expenses. However, bot creators has made an easy way to track your expenses and give you a brief summary of your purchases. With this, you will able to know where your money went and calculate your future possible expenses. As you plan your next destination and book places and flights, this automated chat app can track and compute them at the same time. This is very handy especially for those people who find numbers a really stressing matter.

Moreover, one example of this automated chat app is beta version that SAP Concur is offering on Slang. This can help people book flights and create an expense summary of the whole trip. Furthermore, Teampay is one of the leading bot that is famous for its performance. This chatbot can help track other expenses such as corporate purchases. It is very helpful for those who wants to have the grasp of the expenses of their business while they are away.

automated chat

Local guide

One of the reasons why people are traveling is to taste the culture and way of living of the people in a place. They wanted to have an experience that a local would have in his everyday life. This includes the way they eat, relax, commute and live. With this in mind, bot creators thought of making automated chat app that would allow travelers to experience all this things. It is by collecting local reviews and recommendations and suggesting it to the bot user.

In line with this, Marsbot of Foursquare is an automated chat app for Uber is one of the most trusted bot. Most travelers are not forgetting to download this on their phones or tablets before they leave their place. No matter the activity that you would want to experience in a place, you can find the best place to go without being cautious of false advertisements.  Moreover, you won’t have to make intense research about the most recommended places via internet and social media.

On the other hand, finding the best foods in a place is one of the hardest part when you are visiting a place. You cannot rely on mere advertisements and what you read on internet reviews. What you will need is an honest recommendation of the locals and those who have already visited the place before you. Bebot, a Japanese automated chat app, helps its users by guiding them and giving out information about the local foods and navigate the best restaurants around the city.

Flight and Hotel Assistant

When you are travelling, the hardest part would be to book flights and find hotel reservations that comes in cheap deals. Because it is the holiday season, you may find all of the best hotels around the areas of tourist spots to be totally crowded. Most of these would be either fully booked or are only offering expensive prices. Due to these, your experience would be totally time-consuming and exhausting. However, automated chat apps are able to help you with this task.

Multiple travel companies are already integrating their brands with automated chat apps that will help users on booking and having reservations. Examples of this is the Skyscanner, Expedia, and They can provide people with recommendations and process bookings for flights and hotels. Moreover, most consumers prefer this kind of bots to help them communicate faster and easier with brands. According to a study, almost 69% of the consumers are now relying to bots with these kinds of tasks.

ai for travel

How automated chat apps helps the travelling industry

The tasks that an automated chat app can do does not end with recommendations and bookings. Developers can program bots to assist travelers in various ways imaginable. Starting from deciding the places that you can go up to keeping tabs about the expenses that you made, bot is your go-to assistant. Moreover, chatbot does not only help its users but also assists travel companies and agencies on navigating their businesses.

As it assists travelers, automated chat apps enable companies to have more customers and even advertise their respective businesses. Because it is very easy to use and navigate, people prefer using chatbots rather than filling up long forms or communicating to people via calls. It promotes active interaction between consumers or clients and brands. Here are some of the ways an automated chat app can help you grow your business.

Customer Service Management

The sector that helps businesses connect with its consumers is the customer service offices. However, most companies fail in providing quality services and communication. This is because not all people can keep up with this exhausting work especially on peak season this holidays.  Meanwhile, an automated chat app can help you overcome this struggle. It can function as the best customer support that you can meet.

Because an automated chat app is merely a computer system, it is able to keep up with its emotions and stress. It is available 24/7 to different countries which is good as most travelers can use it despite different time zones. Moreover, bots can even learn different natural languages around the globe. If anyone wanted to know something about a place or thing, bots can collect information and provide guidance to customers.

Feedback collection

If you are looking for honest feedbacks and collecting them, then an automated chat app can help you. It can automatically provide reminders to customers to give reviews and suggestion for your business. Meanwhile, it can even get back to the customers right away if they are unsatisfied with the services that you offer. This will also improve your interaction with them and might even change their mind about the bad review.

Moreover, having a chatbot is better than letting your customers leave bad reviews on your official website. With bots, you can communicate with them privately and settle the issue in a calm manner. As it communicates with users, it is also able to collect information and categorize them accordingly. It could be a great help for the brand reputation.

ai for travel

User history recording

When customers are dealing with humans, it would be hard for them to recall past conversations and history about an event or person. However, automated chat app can easily search up on the previous contents of your entire conversation. With this, the user can go back to the past conversation and look up for the past suggestions of the bot.

Furthermore, this can help the company to take note of fraudulent acts and repetitive pranks that people may do against the business. Because everything is saved with only a single conversation flow, businesses can track important information. Companies can use it for future references and on avoiding frauds.

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Automated chat apps are one of your most reliable partner when it comes to travelling. It can help you find great deals and book places that you desire. Moreover, it can even provide you information about your flight schedules and even the sudden cancellations. This lessens your worries and hassle about searching from time to time just to have a flawless travel experience.

Moreover, it can help travelling agencies, hotels, and restaurants on advertisements. Organizing and collecting information is very easy with this system. However, creating an automated chat app may be intimidating for some. Meanwhile, Herobot is here to help you create the best travel chatbot that can help people around the globe on planning their trips. It is very easy to navigate and even offers numerous templates that you can take as a guide. You also won’t need to have any coding skills with this platform. Visit our website to learn more.

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