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Abtron Computer Services

Our Accomplishments
  • Created an astonishing website on our platform
  • Built an E-commerce & online store via our solutions
  • Overhauled their entire branding for better business growth
  • Added over 1000 organic visitors to the website in less than six months
  • Generated over 100 leads for business

Helping Computer Hardware Retail selling online via our E-commerce platform, digitalize their business and get many more customers online.


“After building an informative and a modern looking website and our E-commerce online store, the team at nerDigital helped us generate leads across the USA & Canada. We had the opportunity to connect with relevant organizations and we had many meaningful conversations. It’s nice to see this momentum at this level after more than 30 years of operation as its very encouraging for a business owner.”

Abi Zahrai — CEO of Abtron

Abtron  is a well-established business with more than 30 years of history providing computer hardware and server equipment. Their website was very outdated technology and wasn’t functioning for them at all. We have made them a brand-new website and E-commerce online store based on our platform, overhauled their branding look and feel. Also, our goal was to ensure that the brand got a lot more visibility over year 1 by using channels like Google ads, Social media, and SEO.

Being a well-established business, we made sure that our plan helped the brand in having a solid foundation that we can really build on as we go forward.

The Results

With a new website and online store, their website visitors bot much better experience engaging with the brand. Over the period of three months, we saw a significant improvement in social media standings, and we saw 1000s of people engaging with the brand. We successfully generated over 100 leads in less than six months. We were able to successfully identify the search terms that were performing and quickly arrived at predictable lead acquisition costs.

Google ads helped drive quick leads to the site, and the website engagement grew consistently over the period of time. The website had some significant pages that had technical specifications and product descriptions. Our analytics revealed that these pages saw a lot more engagement, and more people were spending more considerable time showing a higher purchase intent.

180%increase in monthly organic sessions

140%Growth in leads converted to cutomers

+80%increase in monthly organic conversions

+200%Increase in social media engagement

Before nerDigital
The Challenge

Old website with very outdated technology that was not functional for business. Poor branding strategies. Users had a difficult time engaging with the website and brand. No search presence in search engines and social media.

With nerDigital
The Solution

We have made them a brand-new website and E-commerce online store based on our platform, overhauled their branding look and feel. Once the new website went live, we launched our efforts of lead generation. Channels like Google ads and social media were used to target the relevant audiences across Canada. After identifying the most critical search terms and the most important demographics, we launch our campaigns while also working on improving the organic presence with some foundational SEO. Our content team and graphic designers worked together to create effective ad copies and appealing ad graphics that helped in driving more conversions.

Some web content was also created, and we have performed the duties of link outreach to increase the organic visibility of the website. Over the period of 8 months, we could clearly see the organic growth too.

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